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Gorgeous Assassin Kendra James

Two hot girls are locked in a room. Both girls wake up not knowing where they are after a date night. Feisty girl walks over and attempts to open the door but it is locked Shy girl finds a note on the bed and begins to read it. “I am watching you through the camera and if you want to escape you have to perform five sexual tasks to escape the room”

Feisty girl walks over to the bed and takes the note from shy girl and begins to read the rest.

Live sex Kendra James

He approaches Huntress, who is sleeping on her bed, splayed out in exhaustion. The man caresses her body starting from her shin to her face, pausing at her crotch and breasts to grope and rub them for a moment. The man then begins stripping Huntress naked, the process fully shown and sensually slow, but does not take off her mask, gloves, and boots. Once Huntress is stripped, the man then straddles Huntress’ belly.

Huntress wakes up and smiles up at the camera, calling the man “honey”. It is clear Huntress is exhausted but watches in lust and amusement as her boyfriend plays with her body. He begins with his penis in between her breasts, thrusting for a minute or two. He then moves up and pushes his penis into Huntress’ waiting mouth. After a minute or two, he ejaculates in her mouth. Pulling away, Huntress shows off the large amount of semen in her mouth before swallowing it all.

Live sex Kendra James

The boyfriend moves down to her vagina and sexually penetrates her there. He gives her some new tasks while they are fucking:

“Task one – You both have to perform a slow teasing striptease”
“Task two – Each of you must get on the bed doggy style whilst the other caresses and teases your back, ass and pussy finish off by spanking there ass twice and pussy twice”
“Task three – You have two and a half minutes each, using just your two middle fingers inserted into each others dripping wet pussies make each other squirt”
” Task four – Partner lays on back spread each others pussy lips and torture each others clits for 2 minutes straight each without stopping even if you beg”
” Final task – Using one finger insert it as far as you can into the others ass hole and hardcore finger fuck them untill they tap out”
“One more thing if any of you attempt to be soft on the other the door will stay locked forever”

Sex threesome

Feisty girl looks over to shy girl. “it’s going to be OK we can do this together” Shy girl looks on innocently. Feisty girl comes next to her and begins to strip off. Then they both perform the five tasks in order

Feisty girl will try and be gentle to shy girl even though she has to be hardcore. Shy girl will understand she needs to push her limits in order for them both to escape. Scene ends with them running naked out the door after all task are completed and the doors unlocks. Then both of them walk slowly back in where they give each other a kiss and a sensual cuddle and say something naughty to me with my name.

In several minutes, she screams in orgasm as the man ejaculates inside of Huntress. The man pulls out and semen flows from her vagina.

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The man flips Huntress over onto her face and straddles her thighs, pushing his penis back into her semen-filled vagina again. The man cuffs Huntress’s wrists behind her back as he thrusts. He then forces her butt in the air, making her lie on her face and knees, thrusting into her vagina before ejaculating again inside her. The man pulls out and semen flows from her vagina.

Camera shows Huntress pulled up to her knees. She chuckles as the blindfold is placed over her eyes, the man’s face is not seen. The POV goes back to the man’s view and he flips Huntress back onto her back. The man pushes in between her legs and his penis back into her vagina, thrusting rapidly while squeezing her breasts, causing Huntress to scream in enjoyment. The camera changes to the man’s back for a moment to show Huntress’ legs wrapped around the man’s waist, urging him to thrust harder and faster. The POV changes back to the man and he cums one final time in Huntress, causing her to scream as she cums as well at the same time. The man pulls out and semen flows from her vagina.

The last scene shows the man moving to straddle Huntress’ chest. Huntress giggles and and opens her mouth wide as the man’s cum-covered penis is swallowed into her mouth. Huntress moans in pleasure and sucks, licks, and cleans the penis, making loud swallowing sound to make it clear she swallowed the semen. She continues to eagerly suck the penis as the screen fades to black and the video ends.

Sex Chat Threesome Blowjob

Live sex femdom threesome

I am looking for sex chat with a cam girl that includes three participants (two female, one male). I’m not sure if it is much of a fetish (it does satisfy my particular interests) but here goes: I would like a scene where the male is sitting alone on the couch. The two females come in from a night out – they’re not wearing anything super fancy, just jeans and t-shirts. The walk in to the room discussing how they both think that they give the best blowjob. They are surprised to find the male on the couch (he’s a friend of theirs) and decide to flip a coin to see who gets to give the blowjob.

Live blowjob threesome fetish

The woman who loses the flip sits on the couch in her clothes. The woman who wins the bet slowly strips out of her jeans to reveal nice lingerie (a tiny thong is a must). She removes everything but the thong. She then proceeds to commence a blowjob – the camera should capture both her from behind as well as a POV, although her ass should be up to reveal the thong. When he is close to cumming, the male stands up and the female kneels and continues to felate him. The clothed female has done nothing but watch up to this point, but she now stands and kneels next to the other female. The male comes in both their mouths and then both females should share a kiss for several seconds, licking cum off one another’s face. The clothed female declares her friend the best at blowjobs.

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The whole thing is inspired from the movie ZAPPED. Everything is POV. All three of the girls would be dressed “like young moms.” So not in sexy attire. Something conservative with a plunging neckline) Model 1 comes into the office (or living room) and sits down in front of me. We discuss her son’s grades. I am his teacher. Using my mind control, she cannot help but pull out her left breast. Then she notices it is exposed, grows embarrassed and puts it away. Then, she pulls out the right breast, get’s embarrassed and puts it away. She tries to talk about her son again, but feels the need to pull out both of her breasts. She shakes them a little. Then leaves, embarrassed and confused. Next is Model 2. Same thing. Next is Model 3. Same thing.

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Finally, all three of them enter frame and sit in front of me. They all argue at the same time about their son’s grades. Suddenly they all feel the urge to pull out their breasts. They try hard to fight the urge, but they cannot. All three of them show their six beautiful breasts. They bounce them a little and shake them a little. When they do they giggle and get aroused. They attempt to fight the urge to act like this… but they are getting turned on. Suddenly, they snap out of it. Look at each other in horror. Let get up and exit. FIN! hahaha. Very silly. What do you think the budget for this would be? Can you send me a link to the directory of your available models? Thank you! cw

Cam Girls Medical Exam

Medical Fetish Cam girls

Kenny is a very geeky med student. He’s a prodigy. Horn rimmed glasses, pocket protector. The classic overdone geek look. Really corny. He has a crush on Becka, his really hot neighbor down the street.

Becka is being paid by Kenny’s parents by helping him study. She comes over after school in her pigtails and schoolgirl outfit (plaid skirt, white thigh-highs, pigtails, white cotton blouse that buttons up the middle – cute cotton panties with a little print on them, white lacy bra). When they get to the part of in his medical books about a female full body exam. His parents pay her extra to literally go through the exam with him because they know she’d be reluctant. She’s very leery but the payday is very good. Kenny’s parents tell him that if she doesn’t do everything he says as doctor, he’s to report back to them and she’ll lose her high paying gig.

Medical Fetish Cam girls

Kenny couldn’t be more excited. Laughs pervertedly a lot. Rubs his hands. Stutters. Mutters how lucky he is! (Up to you but you could even use a ‘voice in his head’ type voiceover which might work nice where all his perverted thoughts of the possibilities run wild)

Becka enters his bedroom. She’s very shy and nervous. It’s clear he can’t wait and he is squirming around, speaking so excited and almost doesn’t even try to hide his enthusiasm. He’s going to trick her out of her clothes and do un-necessary “tests” under the guise of a medical exam.

Kenny just looks her up and down. He tries to order her to disrobe but he’s too excited to even get the words out! Just rubs his hands back and forth in anticipation.

Kenny (with his face lit up, laughing excitedly): The doctor orders you to take ALLL of your clothes off. (Waves the fingers on both hands motioning all over her body). He orders her to say “yes, Doctor Kenny” to all of his commands.

Medical Fetish Cam girls

Becka is hesitant. She pleads with him to just examine her over her clothes. He laughs excitedly and says he’s a doctor now and is allowed to watch girls undress.

Kenny If you don’t do everything I say, I tell my parents and you lose your job as tutor and patient!

Becka reluctantly starts unbuttoning her blouse. His eyes are open as wide as they can be. Kenny makes her come closer to him. He then orders her to pull it off her shoulders and drop it.

Kenny then kneels behind her and orders her to slowly peel out of her skirt while stuttering heavily out of nervousness. She bends forward, locks her knees and slowly starts pulling it down. He becomes unglued! Kenny then orders her to put one foot on the bed and very slowly peel her stockings down as he watches closely in amazement, clearly the first time he has seen a girl like this up close!

Kenny then puts a stethoscope to her chest. His hand is comically shaking in nervous fashion. His eyed are as wide as saucers and his face just 5 inches away as he tells her while stammering heavily to breathe in and out.

Kenny: Doctor orders you to bend over and touch your toes over and over! He leers at her from behind. He then orders her to slowly pull up her panties in the back so he can test her skin. He has always wanted to tickle her and he’s going to use the exam as an excuse to try some “sensitivity tests”! He reaches out very slowly and nervously and uses the very tips of his fingers to start back behind her knees and slowly glide them up near her ass. She’s jumping and shivering at the sensation. He finally reaches her ass and makes small circles with this finger tips and starts wiggling all his fingers on her ass. She’s bouncing up and down and going crazy!! He’s laughing in response.

Medical Fetish Cam girls

She begs him to stop and she’ll do anything! He tells her he’ll stop but he has to examine her chest now. He starts rolling on the bed in raw excitement as if he can’t help it while he makes her approach and very slowly reach back and remove her bra. He reaches up to give her a breast exam. Then he starts tickling her tits as part of a test and making her shake them in his face!

Kenny: Remember, I’ll tell if you’re not a good patient for Dr. Kenny. Now, take your panties down very slowly while laying face down on the bed. Then he orders her to jiggle her ass back and forth so he can record the reaction. He goes crazy just watching her jiggle for him! He then blind folds her and tickles her from head to toe, especially tits and ass. He convinces her its part of a test and he uses his lips and tongue to try to tickle her – breasts, buns, feet. She goes into hysterics as he softly nibbles on her ass.

Medical Fetish Cam girls

He then tells her he needs to put her over his knee and spank her to get her blood flow corrected (he allows her to put her panties back on for this provided she agrees to pull them up really high again slowly which he watches up close). He keeps saying how lucky he is.

He is breathless and exhausted from all the excitement and tells her he’s done. She asks if she can come back the next day with friends and have him examine them all and pay them to be patients. He gets so excited at the thought, he collapses and faints. Poor Kenny!

Pantyhose Schoolteacher Sex Chat

Pantyhose sex talk - Teacher gives student new sex lessons

I have a fantasy I would like to chat about. I am a student at a very proper school. I walk into the classroom after school. The teacher is sitting at her desk doing some grading. She is wearing teaching attire with tan nylons and flats. The teacher has painted toenails (could be any color).

Teacher: “Hi. What can I help you with?”

Student: “I just had a couple problems I needed help with.”

Teacher: “Yeah sure I can help you with those. Just give me a couple minutes to finish some of this grading and we’ll work through those together. Pull up a chair next to me and I’ll help you as soon as I finish this up.”

Student: “Ok thanks. [student takes chair and puts it to the left of the teacher and they share the desk]

Cam girl pantyhose sex chat Cherie Deville

During this part of the video I want to get some shots of the teacher dangling her flats from under the chair. Every few seconds the teacher glances over at the student noticing that I’m staring.

Teacher: “What are you looking at?” [teacher smiles]

Student: “I was just looking at the ‘socks’ on your feet. What are those?”

Teacher: “[Laughs]. Oh they aren’t really socks. They’re stockings. See? [Teacher takes her foot out of her dangling shoe and raises it up to the students face showing the sole]

Student: “Wow. Do they feel soft?”

Teacher: “Yeah. Here, feel them.” [Teacher puts the sole closer]

I lightly touch the bottom of the teachers foot while the teacher giggles. The teacher quickly puts her feet back in her shoes on the floor.

Teacher: “Do they feel soft?”

Student: “Yeah they feel pretty nice.”

Teacher: “Oh, I forgot. Before we get to those problems I just have one more thing to do. I need to hang these papers up n the wall here. Would you mind holding the chair down for me?

Student: “Sure.”

The teacher turns around so that she is kneeling backwards on the chair with her soles facing up where her legs were. The student moves to the chair and holds on to the arms to stabilize it.

Cam girl pantyhose sex chat Cherie Deville

While the teacher puts the papers up on the wall, the student is now free to watch the teacher’s feet lay on the chair while she has her back turned. She begins to casually dangle them by popping her heel out
of the shoe. Soon, she dangles them so much that both her flats fall off and the student is faced with the teacher’s pantyhose soles facing him. While the teacher isn’t looking the student moves closer and
closer to her feet, each time trying to sniff her soles without alerting her. After getting up close with her soles, the student loses all control and decides to go for it. He puts his whole face in her pantyhose
soles and smells them. The teacher notices immediately and gets surprised.

Teacher: “Oh my goodness! What are you doing?

The teacher begins to wiggle her feet while the student still has his face in them.

Teacher: “Um excuse me?

Student finally looks up to see the teacher looking confused

Student: “Sorry I lost my balance.”

Teacher: [Looks at student in disbelief]. “I think you were trying to to sniff my feet. You were, weren’t you?! I don’t know why you’re so fascinated with my feet. They’re just feet.”

Teacher turns back around and sits in the chair normally and puts her flats back on. She looks skeptically at the student while getting back to grading.

Student: Ms. Jasmine?

Teacher: “What?”

Student: “Since you have a lot of work to do I’ll just get help at another time.”

Teacher: “That would actually help me a lot. I just have so much to do.”

Student: “Ok but I just want one thing.”

Teacher: “What’s up?”

Student: “I just want to feel those stockings on my face. Can you put your feet up again so I can smell

Teacher: [The teacher, hesitant and slightly annoyed, puts both of her soles up to the students face.]

“Only for a few seconds and then you’re done. Ok? This is a little innapropriate.”

The student pushes his face into her soles while she wiggles her feet acting surprised.

Teacher: “Ok you’re done now. You’ve smelled my feet enough. Now I really have to get this work done. Run along now.”

Teacher puts her flats back on and gets back to work.

Cam Girl Wants to Rim Your Ass

Blowbang deep throat blow job

I have a request for a cam girl. It would be oral only, with deepthroating and a lot (a lot) of rimming. I don’t have any specific outfits in mind for this live chat.

I sort of consider myself to be a voyeur. I want to see both of them, their faces and how they’re reacting to each other. I also want to see the action, and the oral contact being made. This would be especially important for the cumshot. At the same time, I want to see that sort of creativity and spontaneity.

I want to cum to occur while I’m being rimmed. I would probably be sitting down with my legs in the air and cum on my own stomach.

Ideally this would be a dom scene with rough deepthroating and facesitting. It really couldn’t be too extreme for my taste. However, I could be flexible on this point because that type of scene might be difficult to book or not interesting. On the sort of opposite end of the spectrum, if she’s signaling him by moving his hand or body, when to be aggressive or demand a rimjob, that would be fine. My goal is to avoid a scene where I’m totally passive, so while I want to be more aggressive, a scene where I’m dominating her only at her request, when and how she demands it, that would be fine and might be interesting as well.

I am open to he performers in my sex talk, but I’ll suggest five girls and five guys. I am trying to find the right combination of models who would be good and models who don’t do this type of thing often.

1) Marica
2) Casey
3) Kleio
4) Lily L
5) Juliette

1) Zac Wild
2) Connor Kennedy
3) Mike Mancini
4) Rob Carpenter
5) Alex Legend

Aidra Fox POV Dick Massage

Aidra Fox POV Handjob

Aidra introduces herself as a masseuse, with the ‘nice to meet you vibe’. She is wearing her normal clothing. You both go into the front room and sit down as Aidra discusses what happens during a massage.

Aidra explains that you have booked an hour long full body massage, which she will perform in your bedroom. She explains that it’ll be a relaxing experience that will relieve a lot of stress and tension. She then explains that she will change into her robe and that you are to fully undress and lie down on your bed, covering your midsection with the towel she’s provided, and she will enter your room when you are ready. She asks if you are ok with that and then asks if you have any questions.

Aidra Fox sexy cam girl

You are now lied down on the bed, naked with a towel covering your mid section. Aria knocks then walks in, wearing her robe (with bra and panties underneath but not visible due to the robe being closed). She says things along the lines of ‘Hey, I see you are all ready? Good, lets begin then shall we? She explains that she is going to lift the towel so that you can roll onto your front so that she can start on your back. She lifts the towel in a way that she won’t see your penis and looks away as you roll over.

Once finished, she tells you to relax and begins her work. Aidra is massaging your legs. She massages for a minute or so, moving up and down giving the odd smile. Once she has finished she tells you that the hour is up. She then explains however that this is a full body experience and that she is an expert in other kinds of massage and stress relief. She asks if you know about happy endings. She explains that for an extra fee, she can give you a happy ending. You decline. She is somewhat surprised and asks if you are sure. She opens her robe and shows the view that you can also get. She asks again if you want a happy ending. You slowly nod yes… Aidra removes her robe completely and smiles saying that you won’t regret this. She removes the towel and begins work on the handjob.

Aidra Fox Sexy Cam Girls

For this, she maintains her position standing next to the bed. She starts at a steady sensual pace. She also uses her other hand to massage your balls. She notices that your balls seem swollen and says that she thinks it’s been a while since you had release, and that it’s a good thing you opted for it. She also notices that your penis is very hard and comments on this.

After a few minutes she decides that she is going to increase the intensity, and removes her bra. She wants to increase the arousal and ensure maximum pleasure. She jerks faster than before. She adds more dialogue about your penis getting even harder etc

Aidra Fox live sex chat

After a short while she decides to go all out and remove her panties as well. She explains that she is surprised you have lasted this long and that this will get you finished off. Once she has removed her panties she decides to lie down on her front on the bed between your legs, but on an angle so that her ass is visible for the rest of the scene. She then jerks faster, noticing that your cock is rock solid. She tells you that she is going to make you cum, and that you should cum for her. She says that she can feel that it’s almost there

Finally she makes the cumshot and she is pleased

Taboo Step-sisters Babysit You

Sex lesbians taboo stepsisters

Nikki looks more like a church-going lady-like sister and Jessica has a slutty girl vibe. They’ll get naked fully, but one of them has to wear a thong before they get to that point because thongs are the best. They are step-sisters and they are babysitting me at my house. I’m a naughty boy but the sisters like me and flirt with me a lot, showing me their asses and flashing me their tits.

The two girls enter the room to see if I want to go to the park to play, but when they enter, the girls catch me masturbating. They freak out & try to leave immediately in denial of what they just saw, but the girls lose control of their bodies for some unknown reason.

The girls can speak their own mind, but have no control of themselves physically. They proceed to get naked/have sex with each other unwillingly in front of me. As the girls get more & more upset and afraid, they try to tell me to help them and make it stop, but I just keep masturbating and smiling and watching the girls have sex.

They cry & scream, confused & scared at first because they can’t figure out what is making them do this to each other. They comment on how wrong it all is but they start to actually enjoy it for the rest of the scene. They start getting into it and have full on sex in front of me.

In the end, after several different sex positions and techniques, the two girls scream/cum at the same time. Once they’re done, they are suddenly able to move freely again. The girls realize this together and look at me, as I’m smiling very evil-like. The two girls are terrified and run out of the room screaming and crying for your mother who is just pulling into the driveway. TO BE CONTINUED……

Custom Porn Idea: Tit Squeezing Ghosts

Romi Rain Tit Squeezing Masturbation

I love porn! But sometimes it seems like it’s just all the same you know? That’s why I like custom fetish videos. It’s porn done the way you like it, because you’re literally the person who’s laid out the script, scenario or general idea, and chosen the models who’ll act. Custom porn is amazing.

My favorite fetish porn is about possession, and I had an idea for a set of custom videos that will be so hot! My idea for the first video is about a woman named Vivienne, played by Romi Rain. She inherits an old house from a relative she barely knows, but in order to take control of the property, the will says that she must spend one night within its walls. She scoffs at the prospect and turns up at the old rickety place with not a care in the world. She gets a bit creeped out by the old place, and keeps thinking that she’s heard or seen something, but eventually she heads to bed.

Romi Rain Tit Squeezing Masturbation

Then the ghostly presence makes itself known! She wakes up to feel hands all over her (that could be implied or have ghostly hands shown, I don’t mind). She’s scared but turned on all the same. Suddenly, she gets frightened as the ghost takes her top off and runs to the door, but it’s locked! This is where my fetish videos theme comes in. She’s taken over by the spirit and starts talking in a lower voice. “Yes, finally my time has come. A fresh young slut to play with”. She starts rubbing her pussy like it’s going out of fashion, squeezing her tits and moaning in pleasure. She gets really hot writhing around until she comes like never before!!! The scene finishes with her saying in the ghost voice” “Now to take my fill of this world again, and make everyone join me in ecstasy!”. How’d you like that? My custom fetish videos series begins there!

Threesome and a new live-in girlfriend

Adriana Chechik and Sarah Vandella sex chat live

You are laying in bed caressing your body and telling me that you have been having a very naughty sex fantasy lately.
You start saying: “Hey baby, you know ever since you told me that you fantasized about being with another woman I can’t get the image of having sex with another woman out of my head. I know that you said you probably would never act on it but I think it would be good for you.”

You then start touching yourself on your pussy, fingering yourself and playing with your clit.

I would love to see you make out with some hot chick with your tongues dancing in both your mouths. I want to see you have a girls pussy in your mouth and licking her pussy and fingering her G-spot. I then want to see you lay back on the bed with your legs spread wide in the air and have her enter your tight ass with a strapon.

I then want her to start fucking you nice and slow while I kiss you and pinch your nipples. She then starts to fuck you faster and faster while you jack me off and look into my eyes while you’re getting fucked. You then start to cum and I shoot cum all over your face. The other girl pulls out her strapon and says she’s going to cum and I put my and your face together and she shoots cum on both of our faces. You then start to cum from rubbing yourself. You say “I think it’s so sexy sharing my husband with a hot slut”

She talks about how she wants to rub our bodies together and that she wants me to start watching porn to get me warmed up. She also suggests that the other girl would eventually become our live-in girlfriend.

POV Leg Licking Fetish Lauren Phillips

Leg Licking Fetish Lauren Phillips

I normally come over her house for a visit. She knows secretly of my leg licking fetish but never told me. I come over one day and sit across from her while she is seated across from me. She begins to do small talk… as she’s talking she notices me looking at her legs but does not say anything and begins to stroke her leg with her hands.

Leg Licking Fetish Lauren Phillips

She notices me tensing up and look worked up. She comes close to me and asks how I like her legs and begins a leg tease. Lauren can say what she wants here. Leg Licking Scene: After a while she asks how long has it been since I have licked a woman’s leg? I say it’s been a long time. She says that she has to go to the bathroom to freshen up.

I am watching tv. After a while she comes out in a robe and tells me she was shaving her legs. She did this so her legs would be smooth for me when I licked them. She sits in chair and tell me to turn off the TV and motions me over to her with her finger.

As i come over she tells me to remove my pants and underwear. I kneel in front of her and I begin to lick her shin. I lick it faster and slower, etc Lauren gets very excited and creative here. As I’m licking Lauren, she picks a up leg magazine and looks through it and ask me about my leg fetish.

Suddenly, the phone rings and she answers. I look at her face when she teases me and just to see what she’s doing. The licking continues until the end. Girl stays seated whole time.