Footjob Fetish Supergirl

Supergirl hypno sex porn fetish

Supergirl is in search of an evil mentalist and barges into the home of the suspect dressed as her civilian-self. Her valience begins to fade once the mind control artist begins to speak. A mix of her voice and stroking the heroines face and hair. Its almost magical really. With just a look into Heather’s eyes, our heroine becomes flustered and lost in her thoughts. Heather asks who the heroine is looking for and the superheroine at times forgets, and is unsure. Heather gets the heroine to forget why she is even there and who her friend was. (This part is my big emphasis for this video. So if that could happen a lot that would be amazing!)

She tries to shake off the hold the villain has over her psyche, but she falls into the trap, eventually allowing the villain to lull her into a deep sleep. While the villain strokes the superheroines hair, she suggests that the nosy superheroine go home and think nothing of this encounter.

Mind Control Mesmerise Fetish Supergirl Roleplay Cali Carter Riley Reyes

When our heroine is brought back to reality, she looks around and apologizes to Heather for unintentionally being in the home of a stranger. She is confused, and quite frankly, embarrassed. She decides that she better go home and take a nap.

During her peaceful slumber, our heroine startles awake and remembers everything! She realizes that this is a job for Supergirl and gets to work.

Once again she bursts into the villains apartment. This time stronger and more prepared for the soft voice that tries to take her over. “Look into my eyes” the villain repeats to her over and over. Supergirl is strong and resists the temptation, but only for a short amount of time.

The villain is able to gently pull the beauty into her clutches. Stroking supergirl’s hair and body. Making her forget why she is even there. Supergirl breaks free, but each time is brought back, deeper and deeper into submission. Finally her mind completely surrenders and she agrees to work as the villains side kicks.

BDSM Fetish Cleave Gag

Riley Reyes Bound Tickle Torture

Two girls sitting on a couch watching TV. They are discussing a scam they pulled last weekend where they seduced some guy at the bar, went home with him and stole a lot of stuff in his house. Well that guy comes back and holds them up, hellbent on revenge. He tells them to get their hands up and strip down to their panties. I’d like them to be more annoyed and angry and not scared.

He pulls out a lot of rope and begins to tie one of them up. He tells the other to keep the hands up and won’t hesitate to pick the gun up and use it if she makes a move. He comments on how sexy they look in their panties and how good they will look tied up and gagged.

“Gagged??? We don’t want to be gagged” they both angrily reply. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to gag you- got some nice bandanas. Two different colors for a little variety. I love the way women sound when they’re yelling through their gags”

“You’re a pervert! We don’t want gags! They get gross, and you better believe we’re going to yell through them”

“You’re going to be good girls and sit quietly with your gags in”

Sasha Heart | Sarah Vandella - Mommy Gagged You

He gets them both tied up and then pulls out two paisley bandannas (one navy blue, one red) “I love these- they remind me of the old west and hot cowgirls getting gagged. But they were usually tied over the mouth, making them called OTM gags, but you two are going to be cleave gagged- meaning between the lips. You would be able to slip the OTM gag off too easy, and we can’t have that”

“We don’t want the history of gags, you pervert! Just get it over with!”

“As you wish..”

He goes over to one of the girls and hangs the red gag in her face. “Red for you my dear?”

“Fuck off!”

“You’re right, you’re more of a blue. Will look nice with the blue.”

Bound and Gagged fetish

He grabs the navy blue gag and cleave gags her. Almost instantly she is thrashing around and swearing at him through the gag. Then he sits her on the ground in front of the couch. “You be good. No more gag talk, it’s just turning me on anyway. Haha!”

He waves the gun in her face. She complies but is very annoyed and has a pouty look in her eyes. He then turns to the other girl. “Red for you I guess. Open up”. She is a little more compliment but groans when the gag is tied around her mouth.

“You’re the better behaved, maybe I’ll consider removing your gag later. Your friend is going to have to be gagged the entire time though- she’s a little too feisty. Can’t having her yell out for neighbors to hear can we?”

He sits her next to her friend in front of the couch. Both are sitting up leaning against the front of the couch.

“Now I have to look for my stuff you stole. I’ll be taking some of your panties too- you both are very sexy and I need them to remember you by haha! No funny business ladies! I’m turning the TV off so I can hear you better. Sit still and be good”

He leaves the room. They immediately try to talk to each other through the gags:

Sasha Heart: He didn’t tie my gag very tight, I think I can spit it out
Sarah Vandella: I can’t understand a word
Sasha Heart: this is why I didn’t want to be gagged. It’s getting wet from my saliva.
Sarah Vandella: we need to shut up, he’ll here us
Sasha Heart: I’m going to see if I can get this gag off.

Sasha Heart uses the arm of the couch to work her red gag off. It sits around her neck “Gross, I can feel wet on my neck! God knows where he got those bandanas”
She works her way over to the other girl. “Let me help you get your gag off” the girl uses her teeth and pulls her friends gag off.
Girl 2 speaks quietly “We have to be quiet. Let’s try to untie each other quickly. He’s going to get upset that we’re not gagged if he comes back.

They go back to back and one is unable to untie the other and then assists in untying the other.

“Let’s get the ropes around our legs. Quickly!”

They start working on the knots for their leg ties when they both here a noise “he’s coming back! Shit!”

“Stuff the ropes under the couch and put your hands behind your back so it still looks like we’re still tied up.”

“We have to put the gags back in”

They both quickly put their gags back in their mouths. The man returns. Both girls are sitting in their original spots like nothing happened.
He turns to one of the girls

“Your gag is looking a little loose, my dear. I’m going to redo yours”

He walks over to the girls and then notices their hands aren’t tied.

“What the hell?? I said no funny business, and you unite yourselves??”

Bound by a Femdom

Femdom bound and gagged fetish

I would like to order a custom fetish video. I’ve ordered literally hundreds of videos over the years from various companies, so I’m familiar with the process. Basically, the more details I provide in the initial e-mail the better.

So what I’ll do is send you the video script and then if you could look it over and e-mail me back with:

-Which models would be available to film this in the very near future… Cali Carter is my first choice
-Price Quote
-Payment Instructions

I imagine some of the models, particularly the more famous ones, are much more expensive. Cali Carter is my first choice.

But anyway… my video features no nudity or sex at all. It’s a fetish for a girl controlling and dominating a man and tying him up. Fully clothed at first, then she strips his clothes off as well as hers.

Femdom bound and gagged fetish

Custom Femdom Video Script:
Nari is wearing a tight fitting shirt that shows her figure off well and shows some chest. Should bring three different shirts and changes shirts for each scene

Video is 15 minutes in length and is very simple.

Scene One – 5 minutes
She steps outside of the doorway to her house and there is a guy standing there. She pauses. Looks back and forth at him and then kicks him in the nuts. She says “okay… take me away.” She offers herself up for the guy to grab her… the man each grabs ahold of her arms but she quickly blocks it and throws him on the ground. …

He gets up and tries again to grab her like that… he holds her tight, but not so tight that it hurts. And he escorts her outside for four minutes… camera views from the front… from the side… from behind… just her being escorted by her arms. They finally walk her up to a car… put her in the backseat… the two men get into the car in the backseat on either side of her… and they hold her arms while she is seated between them in the backseat… she kind of looks back and forth at them… and then looks at her arms being held… and makes a pouty face… one minute of her being held like that in the backseat.

Femdom bound and gagged fetish

Scene Two – 5 minutes
She’s inside sitting on the couch. Two men enter. One of them says… “What are the rules?”
She says “I am to be escorted by my arms at all times.” The men nod. They grab her arms and stand her up (see pictures). They escort her around inside the house for a couple of minutes. At one point she asks to use the bathroom. They escort her to the bathroom. She goes in. Then when she comes back out. She offers her arms to the two men who grab her again.. escort her to the car outside… put her in the backseat… the two men sit on either side of her in the backseat and hold her arms in the backseat… and she’s like… “do you guys really need to hold my arms in the backseat.. where am I going to go?”

Femdom bound and gagged fetish

Scene Three – 5 minutes
Repeat of the same short one minute long scene… five times.
She walks out of the doorway of the house… sees the two men standing there… looks back and forth and says “okay boys… take me away”… and offers them her arms… they grab her… and escort her for 1 minute.

Abandoned Car Shoeplay

High heels shoes foot fetish video

I’m interested in ordering a custom video and would like a quote on how much it might cost. I have a shoeplay fetish in high heels.. If you have not heard of this one, shoeplay is when a girl will slip her shoes on and off and just plays around with them with her feet or crosses their legs and dangles their shoe off their toes. A lot of girls do this out of habit and it comes naturally. I would like a video to be shot with a voyeuristic feel, where the girl doesn’t even notice or acknowledge the camera.

High heels foot fetish

The video opens with Samantha standing next to her car, which is parked in grass. She’s on her phone with a friend, explaining that her car is stuck and since she lost her keys, she has to try and push it to get it moving. She then describes the outfit she’ll be pushing in in some detail, like she’s teasing her friend with the description. She then hangs up and walk to the back of the car.

She starts by pushing from the back for a few minutes, moaning and groaning loudly, getting into lots of really exaggerated poses that show her outfit off, though she never actually acknowledges that we are there. She is very energetic and talkative throughout as well – begging the car to move, describing what she’s doing and the outfit she’s pushing in, etc.

High heels shoes foot fetish video

Eventually, she realizes that she just can’t move it, so she calls her friend back up, and after describing to them everything she tried, she asks them to come help.

She goes to sit on a bench or at a table, just acting natural such as looking at her phone while she is slipping her shoes on and off and playing with them. She must be wearing tights or socks, but the details can be worked out later I assume. Is it possible that this can be shot in public? I would love for the girl to be in public, like at a mall on a bench or in the foodcourt, or at a library, for example.

Pornstars Play with their Nipples and Bellybuttons

Tit worship, nipples breast fetish Lauren Phillips Cali Carter

Hi, I have a fetish porn request that I would love to see made. In the video, I would like to see the models comment about each other’s nipples. For example, they could comment about the pointy-ness, the size, the colour, the shape, the areola etc. Also, I would love to see them play with each other’s nipples, specifically with ice to make them hard and with lipstick to colour the whole nipple red. If it’s possible, I would love the models to put on nipple clamps too, not behind the nipple but directly on the nipples where it is most sensitive. During the conversation, I prefer the filming to have extreme close ups of the nipples. As for the models, I prefer those that have peculiar, big and pointy nipples. A good example is Cali Carter. For the other two, it is best if you can procure the services of Lauren Phillips and Cali Carter.

Tit worship, nipples breast fetish Lauren Phillips Cali Carter

This actually happened to me this past weekend and it blew my mind. I went on a first date with a woman I met on Tinder. Long story short, she took me back to her place and wanted to give me a blowjob. She got on her knees in front of me, and unzipped my coat. Here’s the thing, I was wearing a half shirt underneath my coat (long story, I use it for workouts, no other clean shirts, etc.). I didn’t think the date would go so well so I never thought the coat would come off and no one would see I was wearing a half shirt. But now here’s my half shirt exposed belly in her face. I thought that would be the end of the blowjob. But instead, she sticks her tongue in my belly button. She starts licking my belly button. No one had ever done that to me before.

Bellybutton Fetish Blowjob

At first I was like huh, but oh my god, I loved it. It turned me on so much. The thing was, she was totally into it, she kept telling me I had a hot belly button and that it totally turned her on. She kept sticking her tongue deep inside, lapping at the bottom like there was something sweet or a clit deep inside. I was so hard. She undid my pants, her tongue still licking in my belly button, and took them down and proceeded to give me an incredible blowjob, I mean I was so turned on from my belly button getting licked. The thing was, when it came time for me to cum, she stuck her finger in my belly button and that just drove me crazy. I grabbed onto her head and held her there as I came in her mouth. I was so overcome with lust that I held her there until I was sure she’d swallowed. I’d never done something like that before and I apologized but the thing was she wasn’t mad. She actually thanked ME. I stuck my finger in my belly button, beginning to clean her saliva out of it and she actually pulled my hand away so she could lick it some more. I never thought my belly button would be a sexy place for me. I’d love to see this blowjob recreated.

Balloon Fetish Girls

Balloon Fetish Girls

Basically, the video would feature two waitresses and two patrons of the restaurant. The restaurant is a Hooters-type establishment, so the waitresses show plenty of cleavage. One waitress is wearing tight pants and the other is wearing a short (loose) skirt. The same clothing applies for the two patrons, who are sitting at a table chatting when the video opens. (The lady who wears the short skirt likes to cross her legs from time to time, and maybe “accidentally” show her underwear.)

There was just an event at the restaurant, so there are around 15 helium balloons at the tables (about 3 for 5 tables) near to the table where the patrons are sitting. The balloons are 12″ and 15″ (some combo of 8 and 7 or 9 and 6) and come in various colors.

Balloon Fetish Porn Videos

The patrons are good friends. They just happen to share the same birthday, and they are celebrating together at the restaurant. They are laughing and talking about this as the video opens, with one of the waitresses taking their drink orders. The patrons aren’t interested in food. The waitress then asks each patron what her favorite color is, and the patrons respond, though they are puzzled.

The women at the table talk briefly about the restaurant—they’ve never been there—and wonder why there are balloons all around. 30 seconds or so of talking until the two waitresses return—one with the drinks, and one with two helium balloons (of the favorite colors specified earlier). The balloons are tied to the table somehow and one of the waitresses wishes an emphatic Happy Birthday! to the guests. The guests smile, start to talk to one of the waitresses, when the other leaves—goes off-camera. POP! One of the left-over event balloons is popped (off camera; it’s okay if the balloon is popped in the middle of someone talking; just please make it random and not choreographed).

Balloon Fetish Porn Videos

The guests “jump” and even the other waitress is startled. (Make sure the balloon is really loud.) The waitress who popped the balloon (with her hands, preferably) gestures to the other waitress, who apologizes to the guests and says that it’s “clean-up time.” The girl in the short skirt shakes her head and the other girl sighs. “I hope you don’t have sensitive ears!” the waitress smiles as another balloon is popped off-camera.

The video then shows the waitresses popping the balloons by pinching (middle finger and thumb, forefinger and thumb, or all three, and twist), stomping (especially the waitress with the loose skirt), or squeezing (no nails), so that the waitress finishes in a “squatting” or “crouching” position upon popping the balloon. Also one of the waitresses should pretend to struggle popping a balloon (or maybe this will actually happen), so she bites it in the middle (not near the knot).

During this time, the patrons are getting more and more annoyed. Their quiet birthday celebration has become too loud, and one of them complains of the onset of a headache. Though at the beginning they appreciated the birthday balloons, they now realize that they didn’t even ask for them. And although they like the touch of the balloons being their favorite colors, they’re for “children’s birthday parties, not adult’s.”

Balloon Fetish Porn Videos

After the popping is complete, a waitress comes over and asks if everything is okay. The guests complain emphatically about the noise and the waitress basically blows them off.

The other waitress arrives with the check and when the guests complain to her, the waitress with the tight pants apologizes for “…misjudging, though maybe we misjudged giving you these balloons also…we’re just accustomed to making everyone happy, and who doesn’t like balloons?” (During this time the guests nod in agreement that yes, you were wrong about the balloons.)

She then unties them (with her behind to the camera—have it as though she’s struggling to untie the knots which the waitress in the short skirt originally made when tying the balloons to the table. Dialogue such as complaining about having short nails or teasing by the waitress or even the guests for her “incompetence in untying knots,” (or something along these lines) may be used here.

The waitress in the short skirt remains at the table to chat with the guests as the waitress in the pants exits stage left. She pulls down the first helium balloon, puts it on the ground, and stomps it. One of the three women at the table exclaim that the balloon was really loud, or say “Wow,” “My ears!” etc. The waitress who popped it says, deadpan, “It wasn’t even that loud.”

Balloon Fetish Porn Videos

A twenty falls from the table as the second balloon is pulled down by the waitress in pants. The balloon is between her hands and it’s obvious that she’s about to squeeze it. And she does—around the same time the waitress in the skirt leans over to pick up the money that had fallen onto the floor. (The balloon pop can be off-camera and may occur slightly before, during, or slightly after the waitress picks up the money.)

“Loudest birthday ever?” the waitress asks as she places the money back onto the table.

The video closes with the three laughing at the question while the waitress in pants has the remains of the last balloon still in her hands as she attends to some other matter of business.

Forced Orgasm Femdom

Femdom Tit Torture Fetish

The first scene is set in a “dark” (not too dark, like a summer evening) place to give it an eerie feeling, probably a dungeon-like set. If it isn’t dungeon it’s not that important. There’s a bed in the room or somewhere where they can… make out later on.

Femdom Tit Torture Fetish

Anyways, the girl is restrained and has been there for a while in a somewhat uncomfortable position, being unable to rest properly. Neck tied to a pole with a collar, or just hands tied behind her back… legs tied too? Should be restrained, but not too much because it breaks later on. She shouldn’t be in top condition as she’s been there for weeks, but not dirty either.

Someone walks in… it’s the domme. She walks up to the girl and is being all condescending – like pulling up the girl’s chin to make her face her, smelling her, and overall inspecting her. Her actions are basically saying “I’m in charge!” and showing who’s boss.

Femdom Tit Torture Fetish

In the end, she does “her thing”, meaning “torturing” the girl as in forced orgasm, licking. The domme does it to please herself (could be done with toys if necessary) After a while the girl *almost* passes out but is able to stay conscious until she starts to leave. She’s done for the day.

Femdom Tit Torture Fetish

However, as the domme’s walking toward the exit the restraints breaks loose and the girl is able to break free (fairly quickly?) overpower the domme, perhaps pushing them both toward the bed (somehow?) The girl comes out on top. It’s a quiet moment – domme realizing the position’s been reversed. She’s now on the “recieving end”. It ends up with the domme slowly pushing the girl aside who allows it of course as she secretly liked being “tortured”. Domme starts slowly taking charge again. In the end they’re equals. It ends with some lesbian action – nice balance between hc/sc.