Balloon Fetish Girls

Balloon Fetish Girls

Basically, the video would feature two waitresses and two patrons of the restaurant. The restaurant is a Hooters-type establishment, so the waitresses show plenty of cleavage. One waitress is wearing tight pants and the other is wearing a short (loose) skirt. The same clothing applies for the two patrons, who are sitting at a table chatting when the video opens. (The lady who wears the short skirt likes to cross her legs from time to time, and maybe “accidentally” show her underwear.)

There was just an event at the restaurant, so there are around 15 helium balloons at the tables (about 3 for 5 tables) near to the table where the patrons are sitting. The balloons are 12″ and 15″ (some combo of 8 and 7 or 9 and 6) and come in various colors.

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The patrons are good friends. They just happen to share the same birthday, and they are celebrating together at the restaurant. They are laughing and talking about this as the video opens, with one of the waitresses taking their drink orders. The patrons aren’t interested in food. The waitress then asks each patron what her favorite color is, and the patrons respond, though they are puzzled.

The women at the table talk briefly about the restaurant—they’ve never been there—and wonder why there are balloons all around. 30 seconds or so of talking until the two waitresses return—one with the drinks, and one with two helium balloons (of the favorite colors specified earlier). The balloons are tied to the table somehow and one of the waitresses wishes an emphatic Happy Birthday! to the guests. The guests smile, start to talk to one of the waitresses, when the other leaves—goes off-camera. POP! One of the left-over event balloons is popped (off camera; it’s okay if the balloon is popped in the middle of someone talking; just please make it random and not choreographed).

Balloon Fetish Porn Videos

The guests “jump” and even the other waitress is startled. (Make sure the balloon is really loud.) The waitress who popped the balloon (with her hands, preferably) gestures to the other waitress, who apologizes to the guests and says that it’s “clean-up time.” The girl in the short skirt shakes her head and the other girl sighs. “I hope you don’t have sensitive ears!” the waitress smiles as another balloon is popped off-camera.

The video then shows the waitresses popping the balloons by pinching (middle finger and thumb, forefinger and thumb, or all three, and twist), stomping (especially the waitress with the loose skirt), or squeezing (no nails), so that the waitress finishes in a “squatting” or “crouching” position upon popping the balloon. Also one of the waitresses should pretend to struggle popping a balloon (or maybe this will actually happen), so she bites it in the middle (not near the knot).

During this time, the patrons are getting more and more annoyed. Their quiet birthday celebration has become too loud, and one of them complains of the onset of a headache. Though at the beginning they appreciated the birthday balloons, they now realize that they didn’t even ask for them. And although they like the touch of the balloons being their favorite colors, they’re for “children’s birthday parties, not adult’s.”

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After the popping is complete, a waitress comes over and asks if everything is okay. The guests complain emphatically about the noise and the waitress basically blows them off.

The other waitress arrives with the check and when the guests complain to her, the waitress with the tight pants apologizes for “…misjudging, though maybe we misjudged giving you these balloons also…we’re just accustomed to making everyone happy, and who doesn’t like balloons?” (During this time the guests nod in agreement that yes, you were wrong about the balloons.)

She then unties them (with her behind to the camera—have it as though she’s struggling to untie the knots which the waitress in the short skirt originally made when tying the balloons to the table. Dialogue such as complaining about having short nails or teasing by the waitress or even the guests for her “incompetence in untying knots,” (or something along these lines) may be used here.

The waitress in the short skirt remains at the table to chat with the guests as the waitress in the pants exits stage left. She pulls down the first helium balloon, puts it on the ground, and stomps it. One of the three women at the table exclaim that the balloon was really loud, or say “Wow,” “My ears!” etc. The waitress who popped it says, deadpan, “It wasn’t even that loud.”

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A twenty falls from the table as the second balloon is pulled down by the waitress in pants. The balloon is between her hands and it’s obvious that she’s about to squeeze it. And she does—around the same time the waitress in the skirt leans over to pick up the money that had fallen onto the floor. (The balloon pop can be off-camera and may occur slightly before, during, or slightly after the waitress picks up the money.)

“Loudest birthday ever?” the waitress asks as she places the money back onto the table.

The video closes with the three laughing at the question while the waitress in pants has the remains of the last balloon still in her hands as she attends to some other matter of business.