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Supergirl is in search of an evil mentalist and barges into the home of the suspect dressed as her civilian-self. Her valience begins to fade once the mind control artist begins to speak. A mix of her voice and stroking the heroines face and hair. Its almost magical really. With just a look into Heather’s eyes, our heroine becomes flustered and lost in her thoughts. Heather asks who the heroine is looking for and the superheroine at times forgets, and is unsure. Heather gets the heroine to forget why she is even there and who her friend was. (This part is my big emphasis for this video. So if that could happen a lot that would be amazing!)

She tries to shake off the hold the villain has over her psyche, but she falls into the trap, eventually allowing the villain to lull her into a deep sleep. While the villain strokes the superheroines hair, she suggests that the nosy superheroine go home and think nothing of this encounter.

Mind Control Mesmerise Fetish Supergirl Roleplay Cali Carter Riley Reyes

When our heroine is brought back to reality, she looks around and apologizes to Heather for unintentionally being in the home of a stranger. She is confused, and quite frankly, embarrassed. She decides that she better go home and take a nap.

During her peaceful slumber, our heroine startles awake and remembers everything! She realizes that this is a job for Supergirl and gets to work.

Once again she bursts into the villains apartment. This time stronger and more prepared for the soft voice that tries to take her over. “Look into my eyes” the villain repeats to her over and over. Supergirl is strong and resists the temptation, but only for a short amount of time.

The villain is able to gently pull the beauty into her clutches. Stroking supergirl’s hair and body. Making her forget why she is even there. Supergirl breaks free, but each time is brought back, deeper and deeper into submission. Finally her mind completely surrenders and she agrees to work as the villains side kicks.