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I am looking for sex chat with a cam girl that includes three participants (two female, one male). I’m not sure if it is much of a fetish (it does satisfy my particular interests) but here goes: I would like a scene where the male is sitting alone on the couch. The two females come in from a night out – they’re not wearing anything super fancy, just jeans and t-shirts. The walk in to the room discussing how they both think that they give the best blowjob. They are surprised to find the male on the couch (he’s a friend of theirs) and decide to flip a coin to see who gets to give the blowjob.

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The woman who loses the flip sits on the couch in her clothes. The woman who wins the bet slowly strips out of her jeans to reveal nice lingerie (a tiny thong is a must). She removes everything but the thong. She then proceeds to commence a blowjob – the camera should capture both her from behind as well as a POV, although her ass should be up to reveal the thong. When he is close to cumming, the male stands up and the female kneels and continues to felate him. The clothed female has done nothing but watch up to this point, but she now stands and kneels next to the other female. The male comes in both their mouths and then both females should share a kiss for several seconds, licking cum off one another’s face. The clothed female declares her friend the best at blowjobs.

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The whole thing is inspired from the movie ZAPPED. Everything is POV. All three of the girls would be dressed “like young moms.” So not in sexy attire. Something conservative with a plunging neckline) Model 1 comes into the office (or living room) and sits down in front of me. We discuss her son’s grades. I am his teacher. Using my mind control, she cannot help but pull out her left breast. Then she notices it is exposed, grows embarrassed and puts it away. Then, she pulls out the right breast, get’s embarrassed and puts it away. She tries to talk about her son again, but feels the need to pull out both of her breasts. She shakes them a little. Then leaves, embarrassed and confused. Next is Model 2. Same thing. Next is Model 3. Same thing.

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Finally, all three of them enter frame and sit in front of me. They all argue at the same time about their son’s grades. Suddenly they all feel the urge to pull out their breasts. They try hard to fight the urge, but they cannot. All three of them show their six beautiful breasts. They bounce them a little and shake them a little. When they do they giggle and get aroused. They attempt to fight the urge to act like this… but they are getting turned on. Suddenly, they snap out of it. Look at each other in horror. Let get up and exit. FIN! hahaha. Very silly. What do you think the budget for this would be? Can you send me a link to the directory of your available models? Thank you! cw

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You are laying in bed caressing your body and telling me that you have been having a very naughty sex fantasy lately.
You start saying: “Hey baby, you know ever since you told me that you fantasized about being with another woman I can’t get the image of having sex with another woman out of my head. I know that you said you probably would never act on it but I think it would be good for you.”

You then start touching yourself on your pussy, fingering yourself and playing with your clit.

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She talks about how she wants to rub our bodies together and that she wants me to start watching porn to get me warmed up. She also suggests that the other girl would eventually become our live-in girlfriend.