Taboo Step-sisters Babysit You

Nikki looks more like a church-going lady-like sister and Jessica has a slutty girl vibe. They’ll get naked fully, but one of them has to wear a thong before they get to that point because thongs are the best. They are step-sisters and they are babysitting me at my house. I’m a naughty boy but the sisters like me and flirt with me a lot, showing me their asses and flashing me their tits.

The two girls enter the room to see if I want to go to the park to play, but when they enter, the girls catch me masturbating. They freak out & try to leave immediately in denial of what they just saw, but the girls lose control of their bodies for some unknown reason.

The girls can speak their own mind, but have no control of themselves physically. They proceed to get naked/have sex with each other unwillingly in front of me. As the girls get more & more upset and afraid, they try to tell me to help them and make it stop, but I just keep masturbating and smiling and watching the girls have sex.

They cry & scream, confused & scared at first because they can’t figure out what is making them do this to each other. They comment on how wrong it all is but they start to actually enjoy it for the rest of the scene. They start getting into it and have full on sex in front of me.

In the end, after several different sex positions and techniques, the two girls scream/cum at the same time. Once they’re done, they are suddenly able to move freely again. The girls realize this together and look at me, as I’m smiling very evil-like. The two girls are terrified and run out of the room screaming and crying for your mother who is just pulling into the driveway. TO BE CONTINUED……