POV Leg Licking Fetish Lauren Phillips

I normally come over her house for a visit. She knows secretly of my leg licking fetish but never told me. I come over one day and sit across from her while she is seated across from me. She begins to do small talk… as she’s talking she notices me looking at her legs but does not say anything and begins to stroke her leg with her hands.

Leg Licking Fetish Lauren Phillips

She notices me tensing up and look worked up. She comes close to me and asks how I like her legs and begins a leg tease. Lauren can say what she wants here. Leg Licking Scene: After a while she asks how long has it been since I have licked a woman’s leg? I say it’s been a long time. She says that she has to go to the bathroom to freshen up.

I am watching tv. After a while she comes out in a robe and tells me she was shaving her legs. She did this so her legs would be smooth for me when I licked them. She sits in chair and tell me to turn off the TV and motions me over to her with her finger.

As i come over she tells me to remove my pants and underwear. I kneel in front of her and I begin to lick her shin. I lick it faster and slower, etc Lauren gets very excited and creative here. As I’m licking Lauren, she picks a up leg magazine and looks through it and ask me about my leg fetish.

Suddenly, the phone rings and she answers. I look at her face when she teases me and just to see what she’s doing. The licking continues until the end. Girl stays seated whole time.