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Two hot girls are locked in a room. Both girls wake up not knowing where they are after a date night. Feisty girl walks over and attempts to open the door but it is locked Shy girl finds a note on the bed and begins to read it. “I am watching you through the camera and if you want to escape you have to perform five sexual tasks to escape the room”

Feisty girl walks over to the bed and takes the note from shy girl and begins to read the rest.

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He approaches Huntress, who is sleeping on her bed, splayed out in exhaustion. The man caresses her body starting from her shin to her face, pausing at her crotch and breasts to grope and rub them for a moment. The man then begins stripping Huntress naked, the process fully shown and sensually slow, but does not take off her mask, gloves, and boots. Once Huntress is stripped, the man then straddles Huntress’ belly.

Huntress wakes up and smiles up at the camera, calling the man “honey”. It is clear Huntress is exhausted but watches in lust and amusement as her boyfriend plays with her body. He begins with his penis in between her breasts, thrusting for a minute or two. He then moves up and pushes his penis into Huntress’ waiting mouth. After a minute or two, he ejaculates in her mouth. Pulling away, Huntress shows off the large amount of semen in her mouth before swallowing it all.

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The boyfriend moves down to her vagina and sexually penetrates her there. He gives her some new tasks while they are fucking:

“Task one – You both have to perform a slow teasing striptease”
“Task two – Each of you must get on the bed doggy style whilst the other caresses and teases your back, ass and pussy finish off by spanking there ass twice and pussy twice”
“Task three – You have two and a half minutes each, using just your two middle fingers inserted into each others dripping wet pussies make each other squirt”
” Task four – Partner lays on back spread each others pussy lips and torture each others clits for 2 minutes straight each without stopping even if you beg”
” Final task – Using one finger insert it as far as you can into the others ass hole and hardcore finger fuck them untill they tap out”
“One more thing if any of you attempt to be soft on the other the door will stay locked forever”

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Feisty girl looks over to shy girl. “it’s going to be OK we can do this together” Shy girl looks on innocently. Feisty girl comes next to her and begins to strip off. Then they both perform the five tasks in order

Feisty girl will try and be gentle to shy girl even though she has to be hardcore. Shy girl will understand she needs to push her limits in order for them both to escape. Scene ends with them running naked out the door after all task are completed and the doors unlocks. Then both of them walk slowly back in where they give each other a kiss and a sensual cuddle and say something naughty to me with my name.

In several minutes, she screams in orgasm as the man ejaculates inside of Huntress. The man pulls out and semen flows from her vagina.

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The man flips Huntress over onto her face and straddles her thighs, pushing his penis back into her semen-filled vagina again. The man cuffs Huntress’s wrists behind her back as he thrusts. He then forces her butt in the air, making her lie on her face and knees, thrusting into her vagina before ejaculating again inside her. The man pulls out and semen flows from her vagina.

Camera shows Huntress pulled up to her knees. She chuckles as the blindfold is placed over her eyes, the man’s face is not seen. The POV goes back to the man’s view and he flips Huntress back onto her back. The man pushes in between her legs and his penis back into her vagina, thrusting rapidly while squeezing her breasts, causing Huntress to scream in enjoyment. The camera changes to the man’s back for a moment to show Huntress’ legs wrapped around the man’s waist, urging him to thrust harder and faster. The POV changes back to the man and he cums one final time in Huntress, causing her to scream as she cums as well at the same time. The man pulls out and semen flows from her vagina.

The last scene shows the man moving to straddle Huntress’ chest. Huntress giggles and and opens her mouth wide as the man’s cum-covered penis is swallowed into her mouth. Huntress moans in pleasure and sucks, licks, and cleans the penis, making loud swallowing sound to make it clear she swallowed the semen. She continues to eagerly suck the penis as the screen fades to black and the video ends.