BDSM Fetish Cleave Gag

Riley Reyes Bound Tickle Torture

Two girls sitting on a couch watching TV. They are discussing a scam they pulled last weekend where they seduced some guy at the bar, went home with him and stole a lot of stuff in his house. Well that guy comes back and holds them up, hellbent on revenge. He tells them to get their hands up and strip down to their panties. I’d like them to be more annoyed and angry and not scared.

He pulls out a lot of rope and begins to tie one of them up. He tells the other to keep the hands up and won’t hesitate to pick the gun up and use it if she makes a move. He comments on how sexy they look in their panties and how good they will look tied up and gagged.

“Gagged??? We don’t want to be gagged” they both angrily reply. “I’m afraid I’m going to have to gag you- got some nice bandanas. Two different colors for a little variety. I love the way women sound when they’re yelling through their gags”

“You’re a pervert! We don’t want gags! They get gross, and you better believe we’re going to yell through them”

“You’re going to be good girls and sit quietly with your gags in”

Sasha Heart | Sarah Vandella - Mommy Gagged You

He gets them both tied up and then pulls out two paisley bandannas (one navy blue, one red) “I love these- they remind me of the old west and hot cowgirls getting gagged. But they were usually tied over the mouth, making them called OTM gags, but you two are going to be cleave gagged- meaning between the lips. You would be able to slip the OTM gag off too easy, and we can’t have that”

“We don’t want the history of gags, you pervert! Just get it over with!”

“As you wish..”

He goes over to one of the girls and hangs the red gag in her face. “Red for you my dear?”

“Fuck off!”

“You’re right, you’re more of a blue. Will look nice with the blue.”

Bound and Gagged fetish

He grabs the navy blue gag and cleave gags her. Almost instantly she is thrashing around and swearing at him through the gag. Then he sits her on the ground in front of the couch. “You be good. No more gag talk, it’s just turning me on anyway. Haha!”

He waves the gun in her face. She complies but is very annoyed and has a pouty look in her eyes. He then turns to the other girl. “Red for you I guess. Open up”. She is a little more compliment but groans when the gag is tied around her mouth.

“You’re the better behaved, maybe I’ll consider removing your gag later. Your friend is going to have to be gagged the entire time though- she’s a little too feisty. Can’t having her yell out for neighbors to hear can we?”

He sits her next to her friend in front of the couch. Both are sitting up leaning against the front of the couch.

“Now I have to look for my stuff you stole. I’ll be taking some of your panties too- you both are very sexy and I need them to remember you by haha! No funny business ladies! I’m turning the TV off so I can hear you better. Sit still and be good”

He leaves the room. They immediately try to talk to each other through the gags:

Sasha Heart: He didn’t tie my gag very tight, I think I can spit it out
Sarah Vandella: I can’t understand a word
Sasha Heart: this is why I didn’t want to be gagged. It’s getting wet from my saliva.
Sarah Vandella: we need to shut up, he’ll here us
Sasha Heart: I’m going to see if I can get this gag off.

Sasha Heart uses the arm of the couch to work her red gag off. It sits around her neck “Gross, I can feel wet on my neck! God knows where he got those bandanas”
She works her way over to the other girl. “Let me help you get your gag off” the girl uses her teeth and pulls her friends gag off.
Girl 2 speaks quietly “We have to be quiet. Let’s try to untie each other quickly. He’s going to get upset that we’re not gagged if he comes back.

They go back to back and one is unable to untie the other and then assists in untying the other.

“Let’s get the ropes around our legs. Quickly!”

They start working on the knots for their leg ties when they both here a noise “he’s coming back! Shit!”

“Stuff the ropes under the couch and put your hands behind your back so it still looks like we’re still tied up.”

“We have to put the gags back in”

They both quickly put their gags back in their mouths. The man returns. Both girls are sitting in their original spots like nothing happened.
He turns to one of the girls

“Your gag is looking a little loose, my dear. I’m going to redo yours”

He walks over to the girls and then notices their hands aren’t tied.

“What the hell?? I said no funny business, and you unite yourselves??”