Bound by a Femdom

Femdom bound and gagged fetish

I would like to order a custom fetish video. I’ve ordered literally hundreds of videos over the years from various companies, so I’m familiar with the process. Basically, the more details I provide in the initial e-mail the better.

So what I’ll do is send you the video script and then if you could look it over and e-mail me back with:

-Which models would be available to film this in the very near future… Cali Carter is my first choice
-Price Quote
-Payment Instructions

I imagine some of the models, particularly the more famous ones, are much more expensive. Cali Carter is my first choice.

But anyway… my video features no nudity or sex at all. It’s a fetish for a girl controlling and dominating a man and tying him up. Fully clothed at first, then she strips his clothes off as well as hers.

Femdom bound and gagged fetish

Custom Femdom Video Script:
Nari is wearing a tight fitting shirt that shows her figure off well and shows some chest. Should bring three different shirts and changes shirts for each scene

Video is 15 minutes in length and is very simple.

Scene One – 5 minutes
She steps outside of the doorway to her house and there is a guy standing there. She pauses. Looks back and forth at him and then kicks him in the nuts. She says “okay… take me away.” She offers herself up for the guy to grab her… the man each grabs ahold of her arms but she quickly blocks it and throws him on the ground. …

He gets up and tries again to grab her like that… he holds her tight, but not so tight that it hurts. And he escorts her outside for four minutes… camera views from the front… from the side… from behind… just her being escorted by her arms. They finally walk her up to a car… put her in the backseat… the two men get into the car in the backseat on either side of her… and they hold her arms while she is seated between them in the backseat… she kind of looks back and forth at them… and then looks at her arms being held… and makes a pouty face… one minute of her being held like that in the backseat.

Femdom bound and gagged fetish

Scene Two – 5 minutes
She’s inside sitting on the couch. Two men enter. One of them says… “What are the rules?”
She says “I am to be escorted by my arms at all times.” The men nod. They grab her arms and stand her up (see pictures). They escort her around inside the house for a couple of minutes. At one point she asks to use the bathroom. They escort her to the bathroom. She goes in. Then when she comes back out. She offers her arms to the two men who grab her again.. escort her to the car outside… put her in the backseat… the two men sit on either side of her in the backseat and hold her arms in the backseat… and she’s like… “do you guys really need to hold my arms in the backseat.. where am I going to go?”

Femdom bound and gagged fetish

Scene Three – 5 minutes
Repeat of the same short one minute long scene… five times.
She walks out of the doorway of the house… sees the two men standing there… looks back and forth and says “okay boys… take me away”… and offers them her arms… they grab her… and escort her for 1 minute.