Cam Girls Medical Exam

Medical Fetish Cam girls

Kenny is a very geeky med student. He’s a prodigy. Horn rimmed glasses, pocket protector. The classic overdone geek look. Really corny. He has a crush on Becka, his really hot neighbor down the street.

Becka is being paid by Kenny’s parents by helping him study. She comes over after school in her pigtails and schoolgirl outfit (plaid skirt, white thigh-highs, pigtails, white cotton blouse that buttons up the middle – cute cotton panties with a little print on them, white lacy bra). When they get to the part of in his medical books about a female full body exam. His parents pay her extra to literally go through the exam with him because they know she’d be reluctant. She’s very leery but the payday is very good. Kenny’s parents tell him that if she doesn’t do everything he says as doctor, he’s to report back to them and she’ll lose her high paying gig.

Medical Fetish Cam girls

Kenny couldn’t be more excited. Laughs pervertedly a lot. Rubs his hands. Stutters. Mutters how lucky he is! (Up to you but you could even use a ‘voice in his head’ type voiceover which might work nice where all his perverted thoughts of the possibilities run wild)

Becka enters his bedroom. She’s very shy and nervous. It’s clear he can’t wait and he is squirming around, speaking so excited and almost doesn’t even try to hide his enthusiasm. He’s going to trick her out of her clothes and do un-necessary “tests” under the guise of a medical exam.

Kenny just looks her up and down. He tries to order her to disrobe but he’s too excited to even get the words out! Just rubs his hands back and forth in anticipation.

Kenny (with his face lit up, laughing excitedly): The doctor orders you to take ALLL of your clothes off. (Waves the fingers on both hands motioning all over her body). He orders her to say “yes, Doctor Kenny” to all of his commands.

Medical Fetish Cam girls

Becka is hesitant. She pleads with him to just examine her over her clothes. He laughs excitedly and says he’s a doctor now and is allowed to watch girls undress.

Kenny If you don’t do everything I say, I tell my parents and you lose your job as tutor and patient!

Becka reluctantly starts unbuttoning her blouse. His eyes are open as wide as they can be. Kenny makes her come closer to him. He then orders her to pull it off her shoulders and drop it.

Kenny then kneels behind her and orders her to slowly peel out of her skirt while stuttering heavily out of nervousness. She bends forward, locks her knees and slowly starts pulling it down. He becomes unglued! Kenny then orders her to put one foot on the bed and very slowly peel her stockings down as he watches closely in amazement, clearly the first time he has seen a girl like this up close!

Kenny then puts a stethoscope to her chest. His hand is comically shaking in nervous fashion. His eyed are as wide as saucers and his face just 5 inches away as he tells her while stammering heavily to breathe in and out.

Kenny: Doctor orders you to bend over and touch your toes over and over! He leers at her from behind. He then orders her to slowly pull up her panties in the back so he can test her skin. He has always wanted to tickle her and he’s going to use the exam as an excuse to try some “sensitivity tests”! He reaches out very slowly and nervously and uses the very tips of his fingers to start back behind her knees and slowly glide them up near her ass. She’s jumping and shivering at the sensation. He finally reaches her ass and makes small circles with this finger tips and starts wiggling all his fingers on her ass. She’s bouncing up and down and going crazy!! He’s laughing in response.

Medical Fetish Cam girls

She begs him to stop and she’ll do anything! He tells her he’ll stop but he has to examine her chest now. He starts rolling on the bed in raw excitement as if he can’t help it while he makes her approach and very slowly reach back and remove her bra. He reaches up to give her a breast exam. Then he starts tickling her tits as part of a test and making her shake them in his face!

Kenny: Remember, I’ll tell if you’re not a good patient for Dr. Kenny. Now, take your panties down very slowly while laying face down on the bed. Then he orders her to jiggle her ass back and forth so he can record the reaction. He goes crazy just watching her jiggle for him! He then blind folds her and tickles her from head to toe, especially tits and ass. He convinces her its part of a test and he uses his lips and tongue to try to tickle her – breasts, buns, feet. She goes into hysterics as he softly nibbles on her ass.

Medical Fetish Cam girls

He then tells her he needs to put her over his knee and spank her to get her blood flow corrected (he allows her to put her panties back on for this provided she agrees to pull them up really high again slowly which he watches up close). He keeps saying how lucky he is.

He is breathless and exhausted from all the excitement and tells her he’s done. She asks if she can come back the next day with friends and have him examine them all and pay them to be patients. He gets so excited at the thought, he collapses and faints. Poor Kenny!